Static Website Development

Websites are like people. They too have personalities. Websites can speak, they can inspire, they can empower, and they can even transform lives. Just like the people we love, the best websites are the ones that are truthful, honest and communicate effectively.

The web designers and artists at Cortekno believe that websites are a virtual extension of real-world entities, and need to carry an element of their soul. That is why we design websites that are not only good looking and affordable, but also effective business tools.

Our static web designs are unique, artistic and practical. Along with utmost attention to detailing, aesthetics and ease of navigation, our web designs offer a culmination of simplicity and out of the box thinking that helps our clients meet their business goals.

Who Needs Static Websites Designing?

Static websites are the most common and basic types of websites. As the name suggests, a static website does not offer interactive features or Content Management Systems. However, if you own a small or medium business, and are looking for a quick, standard yet attractive solution, a static website is the best place to start.

Hence, if you do not plan to add, delete and edit content too frequently, or if you do not plan to add pages and sub-pages regularly, a static website is an ideal solution.

In case you need to add, delete or edit content or images, you need to have some amount of web designing and coding (HTML, CSS) knowledge. Alternatively, you can always rely on Cortekno for the web designing and development support you might need.

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